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Kurt Sutter London Thing #2

So there’s going to be this awkward moment at the Undefined Kurt Sutter London Thing (tm) tomorrow when, in a roomful of people who technically shouldn’t actually have seen any of season 6 of SOA, I’m going to have to not talk about the fact that Clay and Tara are dead.

Except I have a feeling that all the other hardcore British SOA fans there will be biting their tongues for exactly the same reason.


Kurt Sutter’s London thing

Anyone else planning on going to Kurt Sutter’s undefined ‘thing’ in London on Wednesday?

(It’s a mark of how starved we are for SOA anything over here that I’ve actually cleared my schedule and am telling clients that I’m unavailable for anything for the whole day. I don’t even like Sutter very much…)


OMFG! Why do I find him so cute in his specs?

strictlydancers: He looks like a librarian there….."Why is your motherfuckin’ book late AGAIN?"

Me: *dies laughing*

Fun with Game of Thrones

As a book reader, have been having FAR TOO MUCH FUN taunting miss-oscurita about who’s going to die in GOT.

strictlydancers: Well, everyone dies. I mean, by the point the books go up to, literally every main character is dead and you’re just looking at Others and wights walking slowly across snowy ruined landscapes.

miss-oscurita: WHAAAT?

strictlydancers: In fact by Winds of Winter only Hodor is still alive, and the reason GRRM hasn’t got book 6 out yet is that he has RSI from typing ‘Hodor’ because every chapter is a Hodor chapter which consists of the word Hodor 5,000 times.

The Poet (2007)


Occasionally, when we’re livesnarking Kim’s movies, we hit one that we know will be difficult to review. The Poet (2007) is one of those movies; not because it’s bad, or because we didn’t like it, but because it touches on sensitive subject matter. So in the interests of good taste, we’ll be leaving some of our snark at the door for this week’s review.

Get used to this less than savoury look, you'll be seeing a lot of it | Kim Coates in The Poet

We didn’t get to have a whole lot of fun reviewing this Second World War Kim Coates movie…

The Wonder Cabinet (1999)


This week we’re bringing you another rare and obscure find from the Kim Coates back catalogue. The Wonder Cabinet (1999) is listed on IMDB as a TV movie, but it’s not - it’s actually the pilot for a sci-fi series that was never picked up.

The not-at-all creepy Alvin Swissky | Kim Coates in The Wonder Cabinet

It’s quite hard to see exactly where they’d have gone with it - it falls somewhere between The X-Files and Warehouse 13, with a healthy dollop of medical body-horror. Kim plays the rather fabulously-named Alvin Swissky (two S’es), the mysterious and, let’s be honest, creepy custodian of Die Wunderkammer. This is the eponymous Wonder Cabinet - a collection of grotesqueries and curios, part museum, part freak show. Mutant foetuses, malformed skeletons, a severed cock in a jar - you know, the usual.

We especially love unearthing these supremely rare (and sometimes unseen) Kim Coates gems from the ’90s…


Check out the trailer for Kim’s new movie - A Fighting Man - here!

Kim Coates in A Fighting Man

Do not adjust your screens, he IS playing a priest! 

Well at least he probably won’t die.


Late Fragment (2007)


Speedos Spoilers ahead!

Late Fragment (2007) is one of those movies that somewhat defies easy description. It’s billed as an “interactive” film, giving the viewer a degree of choose-your-own-adventure control over the plot - which sounds like fun. In practice, it makes this movie really hard to follow, so it’s not surprising the format has never really taken off.

Hank (Tig?) the security guard | Kim Coates in Late Fragment

The movie follows several different characters, and - fair warning - gets pretty dark. But as ever, while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s worth sticking with it for the priceless treasure that is Kim Coates in Speedos.

BIB says it all, really…

Frame Up Blues (1989)


Spoilers ahead!

What can we say about Frame Up Blues (1989) (also known as La danse du scorpion)? We fear that even our very best efforts to describe the sheer epicmazingness of this early Kim Coates movie are going to fall far short of the mark. But we’ll give it a go.

Get used to this look - you'll be seeing it a lot | Kim Coates in Frame Up Blues/La danse du scorpion

Our review this week is for our new #1 favourite Kim Coates movie of all time. Sorry, Lethal Tender; we love you, but we love Kim as the sexy sax guy in Frame Up Blues more. This is a really rare movie, and we’re uploading some clips from it gradually as well as screencaps, so keep checking back to see what we’ve added!

A rare gem coming soon…


So we’ve been trying to get hold of the super-rare Frame Up Blues (aka La Danse du Scorpion) for ages, and finally, after much detective work, expense and effort, we’ve succeeded!

And boy, is it a cracker of a Kim Coates movie…

We’ll be reviewing it in full soon, but here are a couple of screengrabs to whet your appetite.

Saxamaphone | Kim Coates in Frame Up Blues


And this isn't even the sexiest shot | Kim Coates in Frame Up Blues

We know it’s unlikely, given the main focus of this shot, but don’t look at the woman’s arm too closely, because once you’ve noticed how worryingly thin it is, you can’t un-notice it.

This movie is jam packed with Coates goodness; we frankly don’t know where to start with reviewing it, because it’s pretty much everything you could want in a Coates movie and a bit more. We’ve drooled and swooned and UNF’d, and we plan to share what we can with you. So stay tuned for more caps and clips of this epicness that have never been seen before!

This pretty much represents the pinnacle of our achievement as Kim Coates fans. You would not believe what we had to do to get hold of this movie. It was worth it. It may be the best Coates movie ever. And we’ve seen almost literally all of them.